The Best Chest Waders For Duck Hunting In 2017

Waterproof boots or waders covering your feet to the chest and their materials are rubber, PVC, neoprene, breathable, or Gore-Tex. Since they are as high as the chest level, they are also known as the chest waders. You can wear them with boots or internal stocking feet.

Waders and waterproof gloves are important items for duck hunting since this game happens in the wet and muddy lands. Wearing the best breathable waders for duck hunting keeps the user dry and comfortable to enjoy the trip. Here is the guide to help you choose the best fit waders in 2017.

The reasons to wear waders

Duck hunting is a tough activity and many waders aren’t able to bear those hard conditions. Thus, taking a good care of your waders and storing them correctly is necessary to ensure that they don’t have leaks on the fabrics.

Good equipment will help you gain more success in duck hunting. If you’re a serious hunter, you’ll need a comfortable pair of waders to stay dry and warm. Waterproof boots allow the use to hunt in the pond while the legs still stay dry.

If you intend to gain the best results in the trip, wearing the right waders can make the hunting experience better.

The important considerations before paying waders


  • You can easily find various materials of the waders like neoprene with different thickness ranges. The best waders for duck hunting are often 5mm neoprene boots.
  • The proper underneath is generally a pair of long wool socks since it keeps your feet warm in cool and wet conditions.
  • We recommend that you wear thicker neoprene in cold weathers to keep the body warm while thinner ones if for hot climates.
  • Breathable waders are good for hunting in mid summer and for users moving around too much. However, if you plan on spending all day in the water, neoprene is the ideal choice.
  • The breathable models remove moisture from your skin and clothes so it keeps the body cool on hot days. If you really dislike sweating, they are the better options with the internal straps.
  • Add the stocking foot when you need the additional ankle support. They are suitable for cooler days and also keep your feet warm.

Consider the environment and destinations to choose your best proper waders.

Stability and hardiness

The high durability and roughness ensure how long the waders can be used.

  • The worst options are easily and quickly tear when you’re hunting in the marshes. Generally, the waders have leaks and holes if you’re wading frequently in late autumn, winter, and cold water. Thus, it’s quite important to own the durable waders.
  • Unfortunately, the advanced technology offers the great materials to increase the friction and puncture of the waders today.
  • You should choose the puncture-resistant models which avoid reinforced knees and puncture for comfort. Moreover, the high-quality seams and stitching keep the pair last for a long time.


Certainly, the higher the quality, the more comfort on your legs. The pair includes the good reinforcement and boot-foot configuration is the nice set of waders.

Because you must stand in the water for hours, it’s crucial to keep your feet warm. Choose the designs with the good insulation for hunting in cold water and weathers. During the trip, you also need a short break to keep the body warm before start hunting again. The well-insulated boots allow you stay comfortable in the water for a long time.


Nowadays, you can find a lot of high-quality camouflage patterns for the harder endeavor.

  • It’s better that your choice fits your hunting conditions or the different climates.
  • Many hunters often use the camouflage working best in stubble lands instead of in marshes. Since a part of the body can be hidden in the waters while you stay in the cattails or the riverbed.
  • The good camouflage will offer the better performance if you hunt in open fields.

When you hunt ducks, it’s extremely important to keep the body dry and warm in any weathers and destinations. Thus, you need to spare some time to choose the good waders for your hunting trip. The best options are waders that help you stay comfortable and safe during all day.


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