The Reviews For Buying The Good Shoes For Standing All Day

If you are on feet during the day, you will suffer from the aches and pains at the day end. The simple solution is wearing good shoes making your feet better. The foot problems are results of standing all day because of working. Besides that, you also may have joint issues as well as other health injuries.

The first action to prevent the feet aches and heal the pains is using the proper shoes for your personal conditions. That can instantly reduce the discomfort and problems of your feet. In this article, you can find the great guide to choosing the best shoes for standing all day.

The guidelines for choosing the best shoes for your own requirements

  • Consider the comfort as your priority instead of the appearance.
  • The high-quality shoes are able to support your feet during the day.
  • Ensure your selection fit the feet perfectly and change it when you feel uncomfortable.
  • Permit a little additional room in order to prevent feet from swelling during the day.
  • Think about the strong heel support and padded insoles that can be removable if you want to apply the orthotic inserts or particular insoles.
  • Choose the proper size of your feet to help them spreading comfortably and moving conveniently.
  • Buy shoes including the raised heel for the healthy back but you only should use models under 2 inches.
  • Find linings for the temperature control basing on the local environment. Waterproof is also an essential thing if your working place relates to the wet conditions.
  • Consider the ventilation aspect to ensure the enough breathability for the feet.
  • Purchase the perfect shoes to help you feel better and work better during the day.

The top models to consider when buying the right shoes for your needs

  • Alegria shoes are suitable for people who require the formal appearance. The models are fashionable as well as comfortable to wear all day. You can choose the right one among multiple designs for both women and men. Many previous consumers consider that they are good-looking, supportive, and comfortable.
  • Birkenstocks shoes are proper choices for people who need the informal appearance. They’re quite comfortable, simply sanitized and washed. Also, they are suitable for those who are thinking of the posture, comfort, and ergonomics.
  • Dr. Martens shoes are best for people working in retail or warehouse environments but you also can wear them at offices. They offer the most comfortable in standing and moving on concrete floors all day.
  • Caterpillar boots are ideal for outdoor activities in construction situations. They provide the best comfort and protection for walking on the construction place or rough terrain.

Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog

The Birkenstock brand has a long history about 200 years. They’re popular for the high-quality products, buyer loyalty, and ergonomic style. This Super Birki model is the top shoe for standing during the day.

This is the synthetic clog which is durable, simply washable, highly comfortable and supportive. It’s the best choice for moving around the kitchen situations, working places, and houses, especially in the hot weathers.


  • The price is reasonable if you compare it to the competitors such as the Dansko or European manufacturers.
  • It’s simple to clean so you can use it when working at messy conditions such as the lab, manufacturing plant, or medical facility.
  • You can easily remove the bad smells with soapy water. Moreover, the opening heel allows disperse heat and increases the breathability.
  • The shoe has enough room for your feet to move comfortably and freely since it’s loose and secure fit.
  • The latex foot bed and original cork offer the incredible support. The material also increases the support and comfort for the foot.


  • It’s not suitable for the formal places such as the law office.
  • There are many the fakes in the market so you should be careful in buying this model. Ensure you purchase from the authorized resellers when shopping.
  • You need a period to get used to this specific design since the foot bed is quite different to other standard shoes. However, many buyers are loyal to the Birki after getting used to it.
  • Although the price is lower than those of the reliable brands, it is higher than the standard range. If you consider the comfort and quality at the same time, it’s always the best choice.

We hope our review helps you make a right decision easier and more successful. Ensure you know what you need before purchasing so that you can confidently choose the fit shoes for your personal requirements.


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