DeMarini CF9 Fast pitch softball bat review

DeMarini CF8 fast pitch softball bat is chosen by many players as the best bat of 2016. It has top notch quality that has brought significant improvement in performance to players. However, DeMarini won’t stop at that, they have just introduced new series of fast pitch bat called CF9 which is an innovative series of CF8. And as expectation for a better version of CF8, CF9 has amazed softball players with its great performance.

Construction and size

DeMarini CF9 (-11) Fast Pitch Bat


DeMarini CF9 is a 100% composite two-piece bat. CF9 series includes several models named CF9 Insane, Hope, Slapper with various drops varying from -8 to -11; most of players prefer -10 and -11 drops. Besides, there are different lengths for different drops. Apart from CF9 Insane -10 which is an end loaded bat, all other bats in CF9 series are balanced ones. Therefore, almost every player could find a CF9 bat that suits them.

Features and technologies

DeMarini fastpitch softball bats are well-known for applying numerous great technologies in their products to bring the best quality. And DeMarini CF9 is not an exception.

Firstly, the composite material of CF9’s barrel is new generation composite called Paraflex Composite. This is one of the most important technologies of DeMarini CF9 because it brings several great features. This kind of composite has 22% stronger carbon fiber. Hence, the bat is lightweight but also doesn’t lose it power. Actually, DeMarini CF9 is voted at the lightest swinging bat in the market. Furthermore, the Paraflex also helps to create massive sweet spot for CF9 bat. Durability is also good because stronger composite could ensure that the bat can last for several seasons.

Besides light weight and large sweet spot, DeMarini CF9 is also praised for its abilities to eliminate vibration. This ability is attributed to both the Paraflex composite and the D-Fusion 2.0. D-Fusion is famous patented technology of DeMarini that they have used in most of their composite bats. This technology not only helps to reduce vibration but also helps transfer energy effective to the barrel to create powerful hit.


Regarding league approval, DeMarini CF9 is approved by many major associations such as NSA, ISF, ISA, USSSA, and ASA. Therefore, it is valid in most of leagues.

Unlike other composite bats, DeMarini CF9 is ready to work to their best potential out of wrapper and doesn’t need break-in period.

Design is also an outstanding feature of CF9. The ultra-long handle and colorful pattern make the bats look sleek, stylish and youthful.

Who would fit DeMarini CF9

fastpitch softball bat

As mentioned before, there are several models in CF9 series that could fit most of players.

If you are a powerful hitter looking for a heavy bat, CF9 -8 is a right choice. On the other hand, young players who want to improve their performance often look for -10 and -11 drops. Even the left handed players would be satisfied with the CF9 Slapper which is specially designed for them.


Like the precedent CF8, it’s hard to find any negative feedback on CF9 except its price. DeMarini CF9 only suits the people who have generous budget and want a truly great bat.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that DeMarini CF9 is an amazing fast pitch softball bat that could enhance your performance considerably. Although it’s expensive, it’s definitely worth your hard earned money.

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